17 juillet 2014

Just a gigolo

I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go,
People know the part I'm playin'.
Pay for every dance, sellin' each romance,
Ooohh what they're sayin'?

Lucas Cranach-Le Couple mal assorti-The Ill-Matched Couple-1517
Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest-Hungary
[Prends ça et ne dis rien à personne...]
♀ Couguar
♂ Gigolo
I'm so sad and lonely,oh lonely, oh lonely, lonely, lonely
Won't some sweet mama come and rescue me?

Quentin Metsys, L'amour inégal ou le Couple mal assorti, vers 1522-1523. 
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
Bella Dona et son  Julot Casse-croûte 
Vieux crade
Money is money

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